Corporate news

  • December meeting

    December meeting

    On December 1, 2021, the general manager of our company organized the knowledge training of lithium ion battery. In the process of training, Manager Zhou explained the connotation of corporate culture with passion, and introduced the company’s corporate culture, corporate philosophy/talent ...
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  • The enterprise culture

    The enterprise culture

    In the increasingly fierce competition in the modern society, if an enterprise wants to develop rapidly, steadily and healthily, in addition to the potential for innovation, team cohesion and collaborative spirit is also essential. The ancient Sun Quan once said: “If you can use many forces...
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  • Prosperity! Our company has successfully passed ISO certification

    Prosperity! Our company has successfully passed ISO certification

    This year, our company successfully passed ISO certification (ISO9001 quality management system), which is the company management toward standardization, standardization, scientific, and international standards of an important step, marking the company’s management level to a new level! Our...
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